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Toyolite Technologies Corporation

( Origin: Taiwan,China ) Company Link *
Main Products: electronic components & parts-(1) products, lamps-traffic signal, full color screen, Lighting, sign board, display. (2) chips- TSC-110 series, TSC-150 series, TSC-170 series, TSC-190 series. (3) SMT- bikini domi, multi-color domi, power domi, reverse gullwing domi. (4) flux TLP 3774 series, TLP 3984 series, TLP 3924 series. (5) power, high power, application. (6) semiconductors-driver IC. (7) chemical products-TE201 silicone, TE203(DIM) silicone, TE233 shine dimmed type silicone. (8) medical equipments-palm light, DenLaser 800. (9) forensic equipments. (10) ultra bright LED, high power, high power, 7segment display and dot matrix display, modules, traffic balls. (11) lead frame, testing equipments, ALS.(12) super Bright, power LEDs, LED KE MI, LED fishing float, tester, SMD LED, top LEDs, PCB assembly, automotive application, decorating, architect, landscape, Luxeon, Dragon LED Piranha.

Exceed Perseverance Electronic Industry Co., Ltd.

( Origin: China ) Company Link *
Main Products: electronic components & parts- (1) traffic lights-traffic signal, moving sign, automotive lamp, automotive ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, motors, Auto) lights ( lightings), automotive neon light, Auto light bulb, Auto bulb, Auto Lighting, car light, car Lighting, motorcycle light, truck lights, brake lights, tail lights, lamps, warning lights, spot lamps, par lamps, rainbow rope lamps, hurdle ( tube) lamps, colorful bricks, dancing floor pools. (2) lamps- lights, bulb, sign, light bar, light manufacturer, Christmas light, light emitting diode, diode, miniature lamps, super bright, high power, indicator lights, custom LED lightings, miniature light bulbs, Christmas decoration lights, police lights, neon lamps, lamp bulbs, lightings. (3) interior and exterior LED displays, display module, numeric displays, infrared LED, material, residential Lighting, LED rope light, panel, backlight, LED Lighting applications, architectural lightings, optoelectronic component, LED dot matrix display, decorative lamp, sign board, LED Lighting fixture, interior ( exterior ) Lighting, halogen lamp, halogen bulb, photodiode manufacturer, outdoor ( indoor ) Lighting, landscape LED Lighting, phototransistor manufacturer, flasher, flashlight, ceiling light panel, SMD LED, surface mount, brightness red LEDs, taped & rectangular lamps, step & cylindrical lamps, infrared emitting diodes, photo transistors lamps.

Big Sun Industry Co., Ltd.

( Origin: Taiwan ) Company Link *
Main Products: automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles) parts, vehicle aftermarket OEM custom car parts, spare parts- automobile lamp bulbs, HID lamps, seaLED beams, micro miniature lamps, fog lamps, spot lamps, GLS household decorative bulbs, LED tail light, LED top light, halogen beam lamps, seaLED beams lamps, wedge base tail & top lamps, Lighting fixtures, SMD LED, neon lamps, subminiature lamps, car lamp parts & materials, automobile fuses, Christmas light sets, LED manufacturer, Auto part manufacturer, car lights ( Lighting), car light kits, truck lights, indicator lights, motorcycle LED accessory, truck, household decoration, car accessory ( accessories).

Ching Mars Corp.

( Origin: Taiwan ) Company Link *
Main Products: automotive Lighting- automotive emergency strobe light and lamp, police strobe lights, motorcycle strobe light, rotating lights, car roof light bars, electronic siren, motor siren, backup alarm, LED flashing light, safety equipment, strobe power supply, mini light bars, warning lights, traffic baton, safety vest, torch lights, batteries, strobe lights for forklift, backup alarms for forklift, LED warning lights, magnetic warning lights, magnetic strobe lights, mini siren, double siren, obstruction marker lights.

G-Alantic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

( Origin: Taiwan,China ) Company Link *
Main Products: automotives ( automobiles, cars, vehicles, motors, Auto) parts- (1) aluminum wheel rims- casting wheels, forged wheels, 4×4 aluminum wheels, suv aluminum wheels. (2) custom car wheels. (3) spinner wheel covers ( wheel cover spinners). (4) hid lightings- xenon lights, fog lightings, searching lights. (5) decorative lights ( car warning lights)- LED bulbs, LED decorative lightings, neon decorative lights.(6) alloy wheel manufacturers- light alloy wheels, alloy rims. (7) hid systems- car light kits, LED bulb lights, LED tail lights, Auto light bulbs.

Ningbo Self Plastic & Electric Manufacture

( Origin: China ) Company Link *
Main Products: (1) lights & Lighting- LED warning lights, night lights, strobe lights, lamps, flash glasses, key finders, flashlights ( flash lights), flash necklaces, mountaineering buttons, flash bracelets, flash wigs, flash crystal sticks, safety helmets, chrysanthemum lamps, black lights, festival lights, automatic shoe polishers, Auto decorative fittings, traffic sticks, emergency strobe lights, strobe lights. (2) toys- electrical toys, child ( children, kiddy, kids, baby, infant) toys.

Whole Shine Technology Ltd.

( Origin: Taiwan, China ) Company Link *
Main Products: electronic components & parts- LED chips, LED lamps, LED displays, SMD LED, LED backlight, bulbs, bulb lights, automotives ( automobiles, motors, cars, vehicles) LED Lighting, custom-made Lighting, outdoor Lighting, car Lighting, landscape LED Lighting, residential LED Lighting, architectural LED Lighting, interior LED Lighting, exterior LED Lighting, mobile backlight, LED wafers, interior Lighting bulb, car bulbs, architecture Lighting, LED application.